careers counseling

Career Counseling

Choice of a right career path is the first step to professional success. PRISM HR considers that every Candidate, if counseled properly, is sure to become a successful professional and create a mark in his/her assignment. PRISM HR follows a graded and scalable process wherein the candidates are counseled appropriately to take up the right assignment matching their strengths.

After gauging the requirements of the industry, we visit colleges, technical institutes and job training centres, to counsel and advice them on choice of specific careers. Skills sets analysis is done by our HR experts, and feedback provided to head of colleges and training institutions. PRISM HR understands that, there needs to be equal involvement of heads of educational institutions, teachers and trainers in creating the right environment for career development. And, we on our part are well in forefront in holding career counseling at the time and convenience of students and job seekers

Career Counseling sessions are conducted by Professionals with Corporate experience of handling Senior Assignments with Leading Companies / Brands